Can MDMA Save A Marriage? - Moonhaus

Can MDMA Save a Marriage?

Can MDMA Save a Marriage? - Moonhaus

At the time of calling it quits in their marriage, Ree (42) at the time had concluded ten years of marriage with her husband. It’s funny that their marriage counselor was already on the verge of ending all sessions but just couldn’t quit. For some couples on the verge of divorce, taking the illegal psychedelic drug was the last junction, and it worked!

In the words of Ree, “we loved each other a lot, and we were very compatible. Our pain point was that we just didn’t know how well to handle conflicts”. She had challenging concerns about her relationship and a few times acted neurotic. Her husband didn’t connect with all she was doing to build intimacy — he became withdrawn, and it ruined their sex life– until a friend suggested that they try MDMA, which is known as Ecstasy or Molly.

The couple asked for an anonymous interview to talk about the drug to no avail. MDMA has a longstanding categorization as a Schedule I drug; it’s got a high tendency for abuse and is not approved in the USA. Tee said that they would be strait-laced as much as possible since they believed they were not doing drugs or breaking civic laws.

A few months later, say 6, they had read the book by Michael Pollan that gave details of his personal transforming experience with psychedelics– Ree and her husband considered and thought to give it a chance. This led to them finding themselves in a large rented house with a beautiful view of the mountains in Utah to trip on MDMA in the company of five other couples– being their last resort.

MDMA, when combined with therapy, has been known to bring relief to those suffering from PTSD, which gave it credence from just being a party drug to a drug with high potential for therapy. Because the drugs spark trust, feelings of empathy, and compassion, several couples have started using them without regulation to better their connection and improve sex life.

Meanwhile, drugs experts warn that there are serious side effects of MDMA being an amphetamine derivative. It is difficult to determine its lasting effect on couples and people having relationship difficulties because little research has been carried out.

A truth serum that lowers defenses

Before the ban of MDMA in the United States in 1985, Dr. George Greer, a psychiatrist, conducted more than 100 therapeutic sessions with 80people. He even authored an informal observational study that features 29 of them. While the participants didn’t enter the therapy with intentions to heal a relationship, Dr. Greer recorded interestingly that all subjects of the study except just one reported better connections with either a partner or someone else in their space after the MDMA sessions.

MDMA being illegal didn’t stop some providers from creating clandestine MDMA therapy sessions with several destructive associated results. This story is about one man’s negative experience after an underground psychedelic coach gave him an impure MDMA against the pure one he was expecting before the session commenced in 2019.

Further to say, Experts warn against people using MDMA on their own, saying that it is hazardous. It could entail an awful trip, reckless behavior, psychiatric symptoms, and even physical signs like hypertension or drug interaction with other medications. Prolonged use of MDMA can affect or damage nerve cells in the brain containing serotonin, a neurochemical that helps regulate mood, sleep, pain, appetite, and more.

While the intentions of many users are pure regarding MDMA and their personal lives, Rachel Yehuda posits that there is more to MDMA than taking a pure compound. While mental health companies or providers are exploring means to help their patients without negating the law, Rachel still advised that it is wisdom for them not to inform the clients how to get the drugs but can provide professional insights into the technicalities of the drug. This is because several municipalities are already banning several psilocybin drugs.

Fluence reported that most of her couples who have tried MDMA say it strengthens their connection with their partners, and only a few of them seek help further due to their misuse of MDMA without professional guidance. Charley Wininger warned that it could be a truth serum in his book, “Listening to Ecstasy; the transformative power of MDMA.”

Since he published the book, Mr. Wininger stated that couples who are enlightened MDMA are out of the woodwork and seeking professional help.

Wininger asked, “what if a partner confesses to an illicit affair?”. This puts that folks may not be able to or have the tools to process and have the experience in a very creative way without the professional help of a trained therapist.

For Ree and her husband, it was a conversation without walls or withdrawal where her husband opened up his emotions and thoughts– this they did tearfully with the spice of all-night skin-to-skin cuddling and conversations. They continued using the drug twice yearly to help them navigate tough conversations or problems.

Where does MDMA go from here?

The Phase 3 trial that underway possesses the possibility of shaping the future of MDMA based on its outcome. However, the Food and Drug Administration may soon allow the use of MDMA for therapeutic use in people with Post-traumatic stress disorder. However, only a few study cases have examined the drug’s potency for couples.

The reports from a qualitative study showed how eight couples tripped on MDMA in their privacy to improve their relationships. In contrast, only one couple has reported the same result in a clinical setting of MDMA-aided therapy and confirmed by Charleston, S.C., which conducted a study with only six couples with at least one member of the couple having PTSD. At the close of the study, all six people were healed from the trauma and showed significant improvement in their relationships.

Anne Wagner, a clinical psychologist in Toronto, doubling as one of the study’s leading researchers, opened up that we are seeking approval for a clinical trial with 60 couples. At least one member of the couple had PTSD, while both members must be willing to dig in and communicate with each other and not intend to fix their relationship she taking the MDMA.

Samuel and his wife, Chris, who are both 33 and 29, respectively, live in North Carolina and revert to MDMA as all of their family conversations always ended the same way– she wanted a baby, but he doesn’t. This awful period of about 45 days where both partners will look at themselves and tear up. However, years before this time, a friend of Samuel’s had given him some MDMA while explaining to the couple that they should trip on it once a year to help their marriage.

Chris was not ready at the time, but after several months of researching the drug, they both decided to trip on it on New Year’s Eve, 2020. They started feeling nausea while Samuel’s pan became sweaty. Well, they resumed talking and couldn’t stop until hours. Samuel saw the possibilities of having a kid, daydreamed about it, and saw his error.

They tried MDMA some months later and again with Samuel verifying the purity. Meanwhile, MDMA failed to assuage their contentions; they practiced reflections, journaled their experience, and found how to translate their experience into their day-to-day life of sobriety.

The couple recorded showing empathy for themselves, understanding one another– their conversations about starting a family were no longer tense. In late 2021, Chris got pregnant. Samuel reported that he wasn’t being cautious about the whole thing but allowed it to happen freely. Though he added that he has fears, he said that he is very much willing to be vocal about his needs.


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